Sharnbasava University, Kalburgi Joins Hands with Atlantis University, USA Through EduVentures

Expanding Horizons: A New Era of International Collaboration in Education

Date: 25th Oct 2023

In a significant development for global education, Sharnbasava University, Kalburgi, has forged a strategic alliance with Atlantis University, USA, facilitated by renowned education consultancy firm, EduVentures. The partnership was officially established earlier today, opening doors to an exciting array of opportunities for students and faculty at both institutions.

The collaboration, which took shape through the expert guidance and support of EduVentures, aims to promote academic excellence, research initiatives, and cross-cultural learning experiences. Sharnbasava University and Atlantis University are set to embark on a transformative journey, enriching their academic landscapes and offering students a unique global perspective.

Sharnbasava University, known for its commitment to quality education and innovation, will benefit from Atlantis University’s global presence and expertise. This collaboration is expected to facilitate student exchanges, joint research projects, and the development of twinning and joint degree programs, among other initiatives.

Atlantis University, a reputable institution in the United States, is eager to welcome students from Sharnbasava University, fostering a diverse and inclusive environment. This partnership will further enhance the internationalization efforts of both universities and open doors for Indian students to pursue global education opportunities.

EduVentures, as the driving force behind this collaboration, has played a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth establishment of this partnership. With a wealth of experience in fostering international connections and academic collaborations, EduVentures continues to be a key player in shaping the future of global education.

As the ink dries on this momentous agreement, Sharnbasava University, Atlantis University, and EduVentures look forward to the exciting opportunities, cultural exchanges, and academic advancements that lie ahead. This partnership is set to create a ripple effect in the realm of education, making global experiences more accessible to students and enriching the educational landscape for years to come. Stay tuned for further updates as this collaboration unfolds.

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About Sharnbasava University:

Vidya Nagar, Kalaburagi, Karnataka 585105
Sharnbasva University

About Atlantis University:

1011 Sunnybrook Rd, Miami, FL 33136, United States
Atlantis University